KEB: Public Complaints about School Personnel

Complaints about school personnel will be investigated fully and fairly. Prior to any complaint being investigated, the complainant must submit his/her complaint in writing to the appropriate responsible individual. Anonymous complaints will be disregarded.

Whenever a complaint is made directly to the Committee as a whole or to a Committee Member as an individual, it will be referred to the Superintendent for study and possible solution.

The Superintendent will develop procedures, for approval by the Committee, that assure prompt and fair attention to complaints against school personnel. The procedures will require that an employee who is the subject of a complaint be informed in a timely manner and be afforded the opportunity to present the facts as he/she sees them.

If necessary, the Superintendent, the complainant, or the employee involved in the complaint may request an executive session of the Committee for a formal hearing and decision. Statutory restrictions on executive sessions will be observed.

MSC first vote:  6/11/13
MSC second vote:  6/18/13