KEC: Public Complaints about Curriculum or Instructional Materials

Although it is ultimately responsible for all curriculum and instructional materials (including library books), the Committee recognizes the need and right of students to free access to different types of books and materials. It also recognizes the right of the school department staff to select books and other materials that support the district’s educational philosophy and goals.

The Superintendent assumes responsibility for all books and instructional materials made available to students and holds the school department staff accountable for their proper selection. The staff recognizes the rights of individual parents with respect to controversial materials used by their children and will provide for the re-evaluation of materials in library collections upon formal request. The students’ right to learn and the freedom of teachers to teach will be respected.

Criticism of a book or other materials used in the schools may be expected from time to time. In such instances the school will follow the Administrative Procedures set out in Procedures for Reconsideration of Curriculum and/or Instructional Materials or Procedures for Reconsideration of Library/Resource Center Materials. Any substantial changes to these procedures will be presented to the Committee.

MSC first vote: 6/11/13
MSC second vote: 6/18/13