KJA: Relations with Booster Organizations

The Committee is grateful for the contributions of booster organizations and similar groups to the school community and recognizes that their efforts can support the goals and achievements of students and the district. Actions initiated by boosters encourage community-school relationships.

Booster-proposed plans, projects, and activities must be evaluated and promoted in light of their stated contribution to the district’s academic goals and must not compromise the responsibilities and authorities of the Committee. Booster organizations are strongly encouraged to partner with coaching staff/faculty advisers/club and organization leaders to coordinate activities and allow for shared understanding about roles, responsibilities, and boundaries.

Participation in the fundraising activities of booster organizations will not determine the participation of any student in any school-sponsored activity.

The Committee encourages booster organizations to adhere to the following fundraising considerations:

1.         Require student participants to behave and dress in a manner that reflects the integrity and dignity of their community, school, team or group, and themselves

2.         Allow sufficient notification to participants to maximize participation

3.         Communicate that participation is completely voluntary and ensure that failure to participate does not penalize students from participating in all team/group activities

MSC first vote: 8/27/13
MSC second vote: 9/10/13