Meet the Committee

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casatelli-pic Christine Casatelli

ADDRESS: 18 Linden Road
PHONE: 781-662-2347
E-MAIL: [email protected]
PROFESSION: Manager of The Boston Globe’s News in Education program

TERM INFORMATION:  2014-2018First elected in November 2001. Elected Chairwoman of the Melrose School Committee in January 2006 and January 2009. Vice Chairwoman of the Melrose School Committee in 2004. Chairwoman of the Finance and Facilities Subcommittee in 2002, 2003, 2005, 2010, and 2016.  Chairwoman of the Educational Programs and Personnel Subcommittee in 2012.

PERSONAL GOAL AS A MEMBER OF THE SCHOOL COMMITTEE:  By improving the way we use technology, we can address many challenges in our school system. Technology can help us automate some of our labor-intensive processes. Technology can help the Melrose School Committee and school administrators communicate better with families. Finally, curriculum that makes use of instructional technology is essential to prepare Melrose graduates for college and beyond. I will continue to work with technology experts in our community as well as the superintendent, the city’s chief information officer and the mayor to find more ways to integrate technology into our public schools so that our students will be well prepared for the world’s digital economy.

MAIN INTERESTS:  I love spending time with my children, who are enrolled at Melrose High School and the Roosevelt School. Watching them grow is what motivates me to make Melrose Public Schools the best they can be.

LDeselmLizbeth DeSelm

ADDRESS: 33A South Street
PHONE: 857-544-4923
E-MAIL: [email protected]
PROFESSION: Medicinal Chemist

PERSONAL GOAL AS A MEMBER OF THE SCHOOL COMMITTEE: My overarching goal is to provide the best education possible for all of our students, through responsible budgeting, policy and planning.

OTHER INTERESTS: Experiencing and celebrating life with my family, from the dinner table to the campfire, the soccer pitch to the mountain trails. Spending time with my foxhounds. Reading science fiction.

Mayor Robert Dolan

ADDRESS: 14 Heywood Ave
PHONE: 781-979-4440
E-MAIL: [email protected]

PERSONAL GOAL AS A MEMBER OF THE SCHOOL COMMITTEE: To work in partnership with parents, students, educators, administrators and the entire community to help develop our children to reach all of their educational goals and become well rounded and responsible adults. Educate all residents about the importance of supporting our public schools.

OTHER INTERESTS: Do I have time? First and foremost to be a good dad and husband.

MDPhoto (3)Margaret Raymond Driscoll

ADDRESS: 49 Boston Rock Road
PHONE: 781-665-7231
E-MAIL: [email protected]

TERM INFORMATION: 2016-2020; Chairman, 2016.

PERSONAL GOAL AS A MEMBER OF THE SCHOOL COMMITTEE: To make educating our students to the very best of our ability the beacon which guides every decision I make as a member of the Melrose School Committee. It is a privilege and a responsibility for each of us, whether or not we currently have children in school, to help our students reach the highest educational standards that their personal gifts and talents allow. They are our future – not only will they govern us, but they’ll be designing our roads and bridges, delivering our healthcare, and protecting our environment. By supporting education (whether it’s volunteering time, talent, or treasure; asking the hard questions about local school finance and policy; or advocating for quality education at the state or federal level that will ultimately trickle down to us) we support a community that encourages thoughtful dialogue, meaningful effort, and quantifiable results, for the benefit of every citizen.

OTHER INTERESTS: Family, friends, and all things Melrose.

Jessica Dugan

ADDRESS: 58 Crescent Avenue
PHONE: 781-439-7696
E-MAIL: [email protected]
PROFESSION: Program Director at Crossroads for Kids, a nonprofit youth development organization

PERSONAL GOAL AS A MEMBER OF THE SCHOOL COMMITTEE: My goal as a member of the Melrose School Committee is to engage our community in a shared vision of success for our school district and to ensure policies and resources are structured and available to realize it.

OTHER INTERESTS: Spending time with my family and friends. Cheering on my kids in school, sports, and life. Reading children’s books. Sitting around a campfire.

JMG-Chair-600pxJaime McAllister-Grande

ADDRESS: 22 Tappan Street
PHONE: 781-720-8704
E-MAIL: [email protected]
PROFESSION: Manager for training, projects and staff development – Harvard Library.
TERM INFORMATION: March, 2016 – 2018

PERSONAL GOAL AS A MEMBER OF THE SCHOOL COMMITTEE: An overarching goal that I have is to contribute to supporting and increasing the exciting, inventive and caring teaching and learning that is already happening in the Melrose Schools.  This goal includes using my background working in K-12 and higher education to assist the district in identifying what 21st century skills our students need by the point of graduation, as well as helping the district to find a balanced approach as we navigate the changes in federal policy and our local landscape.  Two areas of interest for me are social/emotional development and respect of difference as they can be incorporated into learning and development environments; I am looking forward to learning what Melrose is doing in these areas.  Overall, as a member of the committee, I hope to have many opportunities to connect with the Melrose community as both a teacher and a learner, and to journey together toward shared goals.

OTHER INTERESTS: Singing and recording music, doing art projects with my kids, watching movies with my husband, hiking in the woods.

EOConnellEd O’Connell

ADDRESS: 20 Cleveland Street
PHONE: 781-854-2903
E-MAIL: [email protected]
PROFESSION: Education team member at a Boston-area nonprofit dedicated to civic engagement.

PERSONAL GOAL AS A MEMBER OF THE SCHOOL COMMITTEE: My goal is to more fully involve the public in the education policy making process in Melrose, while at the same time focusing on the protection, enrichment, and advancement of what matters most in education: the relationships between our teachers and our students and, by extension, the relationships between our teachers and our students’ families.

OTHER INTERESTS: History, government, law and civic engagement.