Grades 9-12 MHS

Education is the movement from darkness to light. ~Allan Bloom

ELA Course Offerings at Melrose High School include the following:

Core Courses


All students at MHS must take English core courses throughout their four years of schooling, accumulating a total of four credits in order to graduate. Consequently, nearly all core courses have open admission so students may select courses that suit their needs, abilities, and achievement levels. Enrollment in Advanced Placement English culminates in the taking of the AP Examination in May.

As four full credits of English are necessary for graduation, all failed non-elective English courses must be made up. Students will not be allowed to take two non-elective English classes within the same school year so they must register for summer school if they fail a core course. Elective courses cannot be substituted for core courses.

Contact Information

All members of the English Language Arts Department welcome communication with parents, students, and other members of the community. We make every effort to answer all queries in a timely fashion.


Angela Rufo Singer
Director English Language Arts, 6-12 [email protected]

Timothy Alperen [email protected]

Lisa Donovan [email protected]

Tanja Hiti-Stearns [email protected]

Megan Kisling [email protected]

Heather MacDonald [email protected]

Gregory Moss [email protected]

Jennifer O’Sullivan [email protected]

Amy Pascarell-Mirasolo [email protected]

Ryan Stewart [email protected]