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The Global Language program in the Melrose Public Schools is proud of both its inclusivity and diversity.  We offer students the opportunity to study French, German, Latin, Italian, and Spanish at both the middle and high school level.  Greater than 90% of our students complete 2 years of a language study at the middle school level, and all students complete the two year MassCore graduation requirement at the high school.  Many of our students go on to double the MassCore requirement and study a global language for all four years in high school.   We believe that all students are capable of learning a language and that biliteracy and biculturalism are the cornerstones of responsible global citizenship.  It is the goal of our program that, after meeting the MHS requirement, all of our students reach the Intermediate level of proficiency on the ACTFL proficiency scale in all four language skills (listening, reading, writing, and speaking) across all 3 modes of communication (interpretive, presentational, and interpersonal).

Opportunities for Language Beyond the Classroom

Exchange Program – France, Germany, Italy, and Spain

Melrose High School offers students of modern language the opportunity to participate in an exchange program during the academic year.  The exchanges are coordinated by the global language teachers and are designed to benefit not only the students who participate, but all of the Melrose secondary community.  Exchanges run every two years and students must be enrolled in the language in order to participate.

Global Language Honor Society

At the completion of their junior year, students enrolled in a global language have the opportunity to apply for membership in the MHS Global Language Honor Society.  Successful candidates meet the following criteria: 1. possess an overall GPA of 3.75; 2), be enrolled in at least Level 2 of a language;  3)meet ONE of the following cultural criteria  a)national Language Exam Participation, or b)active participation in a language club.

Seal of Biliteracy

Melrose is a proud supporter of the Seal of Biliteracy and the national efforts to celebrate biliteracy and biculturalism.  Please contact your state representative to add your support to ours in this important initiative.

Global Education in Melrose (GEM)

The MHS Global Education in Melrose (GEM) Program is designed to foster students’ global awareness, to recognize the accomplishments of students who represent the school around the globe, and to provide graduates with the essential skills for participating in and contributing to an increasingly global society.  Students in the middle school are introduced to GEM by participating in the GEM Summit in grade 6 and a trip to NYC in grade 8.

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Course Offerings Description

Grade 6 exploratory languages – Students in grade 6 are exposed to the language and culture throughout one trimester.  Classes meet 3 out of 7 days and are considered to be electives.

Grade 7 language – Students declare their language of choice at the conclusion of grade 6 and focus on one language in grade 7.  Foreign Language classes are considered to be an academic course, and meet 3 out of 7 days throughout the entire academic year. The courses are punctuated with common assessments in speaking and writing as well as an integrated skills final exam.

Grade 8 language  – Global Language study classes in grade 8 meet every day throughout the academic year.  Students seamlessly continue their grade 7 language experience, and most students will advance to Year 2 of language study at Melrose High School.

Challenge Latin – Challenge Latin course is offered to students in grade 8 who are ready to experience a high school level course.  This course is taken in conjunction with the student’s modern language course.  The course is taught on the MHS campus and meets 5 out of 7 days throughout the entire year.  At the completion of this course students will have the opportunity to continue their Latin study in Year 2 at Melrose High School.

Course descriptions for each specific Global Language course can be found in the MVMMS Program of Studies.

Course Offerings Description – Pilot

As a result of the Global Language Program Review, emerging nation-wide practices in second language acquisition philosophy and practices, and the desire to build confidence and skill for our students that will enable all students to reach the Global Language Department goals, we are piloting a course sequence name change for the 2016-2017 Academic year as illustrated in the table below.

Former Name Current Name Proficiency Target
Grade 7 Beginner 1 A Novice Mid
Grade 8 Beginner 1 B Novice High
Level 1 Beginner 1 Novice High
Level 2 CP & H Beginner 2 Intermediate Low
Level 3 CP Intermediate 1 Intermediate Low
Level 3 H Intermediate 2 Intermediate Mid (weak)
Level 4 Intermediate 3 Intermediate Mid (strong)
Level 5/AP/DE Advanced

Staff Contact Information

All staff members can be reached by email in the following manner:  First initial Last name @

Department Director

Kim Talbot

(781) 462-3228

French Molly Riendeau
German Eri Buitrago

Isaac Haven



Dawn Teixiera



Vanessa French

Steven Malley