Grades 6-8 MVMMS


Introduction & Objectives:

The physical education program seeks to develop positive attitudes and appreciation for activity and healthful living through various team and individual activities. Acquisition of motor skills, positive attitudes toward activity, fitness and development of a healthy body and mind are primary objectives of the program.

Physical education classes utilize multiple learning styles for students to acquire, analyze and apply knowledge to improve their quality of life. Students exhibit clear, effective communication skills within our program, while critically assessing themselves to successfully meet the objectives of the program.

Patricia Ruggiero Director [email protected]
Lauren Doherty Physical Education Teacher [email protected]
Brendan Kent Physical Education Teacher [email protected]
Steve Mirasolo Physical Education Teacher [email protected]

Physical Education classes, grades 6 through 8, meet every other day for the entire year, a total of 48 minutes per class.

The following Scope and Sequence has been developed for the 2014-2015 school years.
MS Scope and Sequence