Grades 9 – 12 MHS


Wellness courses blend the disciplines of health and physical education. Students are taught to lead a meaningful and healthy lifestyle by introducing them to physical activity, knowledge, habits and conduct which will serve to improve their quality of life.
Current health curriculum literature identifies thirteen content areas. From these content areas students will acquire health knowledge and life skills that will promote responsible decision making and help develop them into self-sufficient adults. The thirteen content areas are identified below and are addressed in both disciplines.

Growth and Development
Mental Health
Physical Activity
Family Life
Interpersonal Relationship
Disease Prevention and Control
Consumer Health and Resource
Ecological Health
Safety and Injury Prevention
Community and Public Health
Tobacco, Alcohol and other Substance Use/Abuse Prevention
Violence Prevention

The physical education program seeks to develop positive attitudes and an appreciation for activity and healthful living through various team and individual activities. Acquisition of motor skills, positive attitudes towards activity, fitness and the development of a healthy body and mind are primary objectives of the program.
Health and Physical Education classes utilize multiple learning styles for students to acquire, analyze and apply knowledge to improve their quality of life. Students exhibit clear, effective communication within the programs, while critically assessing themselves to successfully meet the goal of each program.

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MPS adheres to the Massachusetts State Regulation for Health and Physical Education by scheduling all students in the following manner:
Wellness I (9th grade) Wellness II (10th grade) and Wellness III (11th grade) are required courses that are scheduled every other day for a full year. Please note that Wellness III is a Pilot program for the 2015-2016 school years.

Twelfth grade students can chose from one of the wellness electives listed below, participate in our interscholastic sports program or contract for a non-school physical activity program monitored by the Guidance Department in order to fulfill Massachusetts State Regulation for Health and Physical Education.

Lifetime and Recreational Activities
Fitness and Health
Peer Education
Strength and Conditioning for the serious competitor
Introduction to Weight Training
Introduction to Health Care
Mentors in Violence Prevention

HS Scope and Sequence Wellness I
HS Scope and Sequence Wellness II
Wellness III Scope and Sequence 2015
Wellness 1 Syllabus
Wellness 2 Syllabus