EA: Support Services Expectations

The Committee recognizes that district operations support services (including human resources, finance and business office functions, facilities management partnerships with the Melrose Department of Public Works, food services, transportation, technology, and data management/reporting) are essential to its overall success. While the district’s primary purpose is to educate students, the Committee also recognizes that balancing operational and educational goals is essential and that adequate resources must be provided to support a quality foundation for student success.

The Committee’s expectations around operations support services include:

  1. Human resource support that fosters high-quality instructional practice.
  2. Efficient and rigorous standards along with accurate and timely outcomes in the area of business and operational practices.
  3. Safety standards that meet or exceed state and federal guidelines.
  4. High-quality management, operation, and maintenance of school buildings,grounds, and equipment (in partnership with City services).
  5. Environmentally friendly facility and operational practices.
  6. Food service programming that complies with state and federal regulations;features foods that are healthy, nutritious, and taste good; and is provided in attractive venues by well-trained staff.
  7. Safe and efficient operation and maintenance of district and/or contractedvehicles combined with well-trained and competent driving staff.
  8. Incorporation of current, educationally appropriate technology andcommunication platforms that include appropriate strategies and tactics for maintenance and upgrades.
  9. Data management and reporting that supplies accurate, timely, and useful information to federal and state authorities as well as district administration.

MSC first vote: 3/25/14
MSC second vote: 4/8/14