GCBA: Professional Staff Salary Schedules

The Committee supports clear and appropriate salary expectations for staff in order to attract and retain valuable employees. The Committee encourages appropriate annual adjustments for employees meeting or exceeding performance expectations. The Superintendent has sole discretion in awarding increases that are not mandated by law or other binding agreement with the following guidance:

  1. All salaries will be in accordance with approved annual budgets.
  1. Staff members who are covered under collective bargaining agreements or                            individual contracts that mandate particular salary schedules will be                                             compensated in accordance with such agreements.
  1. Professional staff members who are not covered under employment agreements with salary schedules will be compensated in accordance with salary schedules approved by the Committee. The Superintendent will be responsible for determining initial salary and awarding increases in accordance with said schedules and the individual’s performance.
  1. Support staff and other non-professional staff who are not covered under                           collective or individual employment agreements with salary schedules will have their compensation set by the Superintendent in accordance with applicable law and regulations. The Superintendent is expected to take individual performance into account when determining salary adjustments for these employees.

The Superintendent is employed by the Committee under an individual contract with the length of term and compensation determined by the Committee as set forth in such contract.

MSC first vote: 10/14/28
MSC second vote: 10/28/14