LB: Relations with Other Schools and Districts

The Committee will cooperate with other schools and with local, state, and regional agencies and organizations to:

  1. Seek solutions for shared educational challenges.
  2. Offer support services of high quality to our students.
  3. Equalize educational opportunities for all students.
  4. Acquire and implement federal and state grants.
  5. Advocate to state and federal policy makers for resources, programs, or policies that would result in the improved delivery of educational services.

This cooperation may extend to exploring research opportunities; providing student transportation to special schools and hospitals; coordinating curriculum; exchanging information, data, and best practices; constructing facilities that may be efficiently shared; and coordinating school calendars and activities.

Before joining any cooperative program or education collaborative, or participating in any joint educational services with other districts, the Committee expects the Superintendent to ensure that the partnerships are of measurable benefit to the district. The Committee will approve any and all partnerships that incur financial impact.

MSC first vote: 8/27/13
MSC second vote: 9/10/13