Grades 6-8 MVMMS

Education is the movement from darkness to light. ~Allan Bloom

ELA Course Offerings at Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School include the following:

Core Courses

English 6 Grade 6

English 7, Advanced and Proficient Grade 7

English 8, Advanced and Proficient Grade 8


Intervention English ELA Intervention

Challenge English MVMMS Challenge Classes

Exploratory English 6th Grade ELA Exploratory English 7th grade ELA Exploratory English 8th Grade ELA Exploratory English

All students at MVMMS must take English core courses throughout their three years of schooling, accumulating a total of three credits in order to proceed to Melrose High School English.

Contact Information

All members of the English Language Arts Department welcome communication with parents, students, and other members of the community. We make every effort to answer all queries in a timely fashion.


Angela Rufo Singer

Director English Language Arts, 6-12 – [email protected]

Grade Eight

Bert Whittier – [email protected]

Joanne Leisk – [email protected]

Leslie Means – [email protected]

Grade Seven

Alison Hurney – [email protected]

Sarah Haney – [email protected]

Adam Azia – [email protected]

Grade Six

Nina McGrath[email protected]

Beth Colgan – [email protected]

Chelsea Slosberg – [email protected]